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Our processes are certified in a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The operating procedures for all our employees come from the expertise that grew in the brilliant minds at CRT over decades of experience. This notwithstanding, we are of the firm belief that precision is above all a matter of the mind. Our employees are selected and trained in accordance with this belief.

When at a customer’s site, they are able to combine flexible reactions while adhering to the processes and documenting their decisions and actions every step of the way. Our mutual esteem as well as the continuous professional and personal training are therefore integral parts of our team philosophy. So your cleanrooms can be re-qualified with minimal downtime.

One step ahead of state of the art

The relevant technologies required for measurements in cleanrooms are provided by a variety of manufacturers.

At CRT, we make a point of opting for premium technology to implement the current standards. And it is only on this basis that a qualified measurement result can be guaranteed for your cleanroom with the shortest downtime possible.


If Cleanroom


Particle Counting

or Calibration

An Overview of our Services

We configure our services for you on the five pillars of measurement and maintenance, flow visualization, calibration, product distribution and consulting – the know-how of the CRT-experts always included:

  • Implementation of physical qualifications/requalifications
  • Flow visualisations
  • Calibration of your particle counters
  • Sale of leading Climet® measuring technology
  • Advice on quality assurance measures
  • Advice on optimising and improving the efficiency of cleanrooms
  • Creation of individual work instructions and documents
  • Microbiological measurements


CRT AG ISO 9001:2015 (88 KB)

We are partners

for cleanroom


with Equipment from Climet® Instruments

As one of the pioneers in aerosol particle counting, Climet® Instruments has been synonymous with a consistent philosophy of precision since 1967. The particle counter (calibrated in accordance with ISO 21501-4) is the instrument of choice for the CRT test experts.

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